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aluminium handles.

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We have the right solution for making top quality custom bronze, brass, and aluminium handles.
We make custom handles for doors and windows and furniture accessories according to the design, dimensions, materials, and finishes defined with the client. We use materials, production techniques, and exclusive finishes, even in small amounts.
We make handles for architects and designers who need flexibility and customisation to turn their designs into exclusive products.
We focus our attention, experience, and professionalism on making excellent products.


  • Brass, aluminium, and bronze sand cast handles

  • 3D design and prototyping

  • We combine innovative technology and traditional processes to make exclusive handles and unique products

Better quality for your design



  • Briefing

    The creation of a custom handle starts with the client’s idea and the room it will be positioned in.
    Our technical staff briefs the client to better understand their idea and identify the solutions to realise it. The definition of the materials and product profile are the next step to make a custom handle. This is the stage where the designer‘s requirements and taste meet with the experience and professionalism of Fama International’s technical staff.
    Once we’ve defined the feasibility, style, functionality, and materials, we draft the “Concept Handle”, i.e. a series of notes containing the project’s guidelines.
    This stage is the first step towards the feasibility of the project and putting the handle into production.


  • Project

    Before proceeding with the design, we carefully go through al the aspects and requirements defined in the client brief. During this stage, the client’s constructive collaboration is essential to allow us to prepare an accurate preliminary draft in a short time. The client’s collaboration will help us finalise the executive project.

    Our modelling software (Cad 3DInventor) allow us to create preliminary drawings that describe the advantages of a certain product, assembly instructions, and operation. During this stage, the product is represented through photorealistic images and 3D animation to clearly describe its style and function.


  • Prototype

    Prototyping consists in a set of different industrial techniques to create a prototype, i.e. one or more samples. The prototype allows us to show the client the simulation of what the product will look like.
    Prototypes can be made of plastics (3D printer) or the metal of the end product (CNC machines). The plastic prototype obtained through 3D printing ensures greater design flexibility and the possibility of several design iterations.
    Finally, the client compares the technical drawings and assembly videos with the prototype to validate the project.


  • Production

    We choose the production process according to the result you want to achieve with every custom handle.

    Machine processing:

    We make custom handles based on the drawing using CNC machines or automatic lathes. This process allows us to create high-precision aluminium, brass, or steel pieces and meet any requirement.

    Sand casting:

    Sand casting is an artisan process that makes every product unique and every handle exclusive, thanks to the mastery and passion of skilful workers. This artisan method allows us to create custom brass, bronze, and aluminium handles according to the design defined with the client.


  • Finishing

    We complete our custom handles with standard (chrome, nickel plating, bronze plating, PVD) or trendy antique (bronze plating or silver plating) finishes with extreme care for every detail. Our finishes are the perfect combination of tradition and technology and their quality is certified after carefully inspecting every single piece. Our manual finishes turn every handle into an exclusive piece.  We manually apply fine wax to protect, provide an antique effect, polish, and waterproof our handles, using materials and procedures normally used to restore works of art.


  • Logistics

    A fine handle requires special attention even when it comes to packaging and logistics. We use both single vacuum packages and single packages with strong fabric bags, based on the type of product.
    Every package includes the assembly and cleaning instructions. Each box has a different shape and size for better product protection. We ship our products with renowned express couriers to ensure deliveries within 48 hours across Europe.
    We can even personally take care of special deliveries!


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